Ultra Modern Internal Door Selection

Below is a selection of our Ultra Modern Internal Door Range. Why not call into our showroom or call us to discuss your door needs further with our friendly, trained professionals.

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Hume: Sorrento 1
Hume: Sorrento 2
Hume: Sorrento 5
Hume: Sorrento 6
Hume: Sorrento 7
Hume: Sorrento 11
3 f f HAG9 Hume Internal Door HAG18 HA10
Hume: HLR210
Hume: HLR220
Hume: HLR230
Hume: HAG9
Hume: HAG18
Hume: HA10


Standard size include 2040mm x 920/870/820mm 2 40mm or 2340mm x 820mm x 40mm.
Special sizes can be ordered to suit customer requirements.


Doors are available in a range of finishes to suit customer needs.

  • * Solid timber in kiln-dried (KD) Hardwood, Cedar, Meranti and Merpauh
  • * Solid construction with Sliced Pacific Maple (SPM) veneer or pre-primed veneer
  • * Semi-solid construction with SPM veneer or pre-primed veneer
  • Installation

We offer full installation service that includes free measure and quote.